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Two teams of six players skate on the ice at one time. Teams usually line up with one center, two wings, two defensemen, and one goalie. Any player may score a goal and all skaters contribute on defense. Substitutions may take place at any time during a game. Offensive and defensive players generally are substituted as complete “lines,” rather than individually.

Center - Plays on the front line of the offense between the two wings. On an offensive attack, the center attempts to gain a position in front of the opposing team’s net for scoring opportunities.

Wings - Together with the center, they lead the offensive attack against the opposition. They usually play along the “boards” to contain the puck, pass to teammates or shoot on goal.

Defensemen - Play in front of the net in their team’s defensive zone. They use stick and body “checks” to prevent opposing players from shooting the puck at their goal. They work to keep the puck out of their own territory by pushing it up toward their opponents’ zone.

Goalie - Plays directly in front of the net to stop opponents’ shots from going in the goal. The goalie is the only player on the ice allowed to catch and hold the puck.

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