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Assist - A statistical point, credited to the player or players on the same team who passed the puck to a scoring player.

Blue Lines - The two lines that extend the width of the ice, dividing the playing area between goals into three equal sixty-foot zones. Inside the blue lines is where “offside” violations occur.

Board Check - A body check that knocks an opponent into the boards.

Boards - Wood and fiberglass boards that surround the skating rink to keep the puck in play. The boards are an integral part of the playing surface as players frequently use them to body check opponents into, to pass the puck along, and to trap the puck against.

Break-away - When an attacking player with the puck beats all defenders leaving only the goalie to shoot against.

Carrying the Puck - Moving the puck along the ice with the hockey stick.

Checking - Players may use their bodies to push or shove opponents in an effort to break up attacking moves. Checking is a normal part of the game and is only considered a foul if the referee believes it is done in an overly aggressive manner.

Clearing - A defensive strategy in which a player fires the puck out of the defensive zone, sending it into the “neutral zone.”

Crease - The semicircle area in front of each net. No player other than the goalie may occupy the crease at any time.

Cross-check - An illegal check by a player having both hands on the stick but no part of the stick on the ice when knocking into an opponent.

Dumping the Puck - An offensive player sends the puck deep into the opposing zone rather than try carrying it across the blue line through the defense.

Face-off - Done at the start or restart of play. The referee drops the puck into the center of a face-off spot as two opposing players, lined up on opposite sides, use their sticks to fight to gain possession.

Hat Trick - When an individual player scores three goals in one game.

High Sticking - Raising the stick blade above a certain height is illegal. High sticking subjects a player to a two-minute penalty and a referee may disallow a goal that was scored by a shot made with a high stick.

Holding - Players may not use their hands or the stick to hold an opponent.

Hooking - Illegally using the stick to hook an opponent, in the attempt to impede that skater’s progress.

Icing - Called if a player shoots the puck from his zone across both the red (center) line and the opposing goal line, and an opposing defensive player other than the goalie, is the next player to touch the puck. When icing occurs, the referee stops play and returns the puck to the opposite zone for a face-off.

Lines - The dividing lines of the rink. There are two blue lines, two goal lines, and one center (red) line. This term also refers to the grouping of players as they skate together on the ice.

Neutral Zone - The area on the ice between the two blue lines.

Offside - Occurs when an attacking player crosses the blue line into the opposing team’s defensive zone ahead of the puck. On this call, the referee stops play and conducts a face-off in the neutral zone.

Pass - The manner in which the puck is moved along the ice between teammates.

Penalty Box - The designated box, off the ice, in which penalized players must sit out their penalty time.

Penalty Killing - When a team skates short-handed on a power play, it tries to kill time by holding or clearing the puck.

Poke Check - Stealing the puck from an advancing player using the hockey stick.

Power Play - The period of time during which one team skates with a man advantage over the opposing team because that team has lost a player to a penalty.

Power Play Goal - Scored by the team which has more players on the ice during a power play. This terminates the penalty for the opposing team.

Save - When the goalie prevents a shot from going into the net.

Short-handed - The team that skates with fewer players on the ice when the opposing team is on a power play.

Short-handed Goal - A goal scored by the team that skates at a player disadvantage in a power play situation. A goal here will not end a penalty.

Stealing - When an opposing player intercepts the puck on a pass between teammates or poke checks the puck away.

Zamboni - The machine that resurfaces the ice between periods.

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